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It’s been another month of working from home! But that doesn’t mean our Enfectors haven’t been busy breaking boundaries! While staying safely indoors, our team has achieved some remarkable things this past month! From humanising financial services to running campaigns that promoted affordable shopping opportunities to developing a unique new service known as ‘Enfluence’, we sure have been busy bees! Read on to learn more.

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Global Recruitment Drive for MAS Launch of the ‘Changemaker’ Programme

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

We developed the global digital recruitment campaign for the MAS Management Trainee programme, seeking applicants from eight countries. The campaign includes creative posts for social media and a microsite for the collection of applications. The message that we focused on communicating was that MAS is a company that drives change. The selected candidates will be able to work in an environment that will nurture their careers while allowing them to follow their dreams. Thus, becoming a changemaker. The campaign run for three weeks globally.

We developed a MAS Management Trainee microsite for interested candidates to submit their applications to become a part of the Changemaker initiative.

Click the link below to view the ‘To Be A Changemaker’ programme.

Enfluence - Let Us Be Your Digital Reputation Manager

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

Enfluence, is a new service provided by Enfection focusing on digital reputation management. We focus on tracking your social media platforms for mentions and conversations about your brand and business. It is about analyzing the data collected and then responding in an appropriate manner. Enfluence services include social listening, data analytics & strategy, and responding appropriately.

We are different from other service providers because we use automated listening plus manage the process with a social listening expert to provide our clients with utmost precision when it comes to understanding online brand sentiments. CDB is one of our first clients to experience Enfluence and has benefited from reputation management services, understanding online conversations, and improving their services accordingly.

Read more about Enfluence and what it could do for you here:

Keells Post Lockdown Affordability Campaign

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

Keells activated a multi-channel campaign by analysing post-pandemic consumer behaviour on how they manage their expenses, especially groceries and daily essentials. Keells subtly positioned the brand as the go-to place for quality daily essentials provided at affordable prices. The campaign also consisted of content facilitating the USP of “Affordable household items for the same or better quality” through a series of videos. We also launched the Keells Weekly Shopping Update, where different outlet staff representing the brand gave an update on the week’s deals.” The main campaign message was to convey that Keells had the “best savings for everyday essentials."

Keells mainly focused on the following in their campaign,

  1. Keells and Nexus deals and overall savings provided by Keells.
  2. The imperfect vegetables initiative where they provided customers with vegetables that are different in shape but similar in quality compared to the same type of regular vegetables, with a 20% price saving.
  3. Keells product range is 10% better priced than regular brands in the market.
  4. Keells exclusive range which provides a wide range of international products at affordable prices.
  5. Introduction of the budget pack - Keells Waasi Malla, which contains essential items.

Under the campaign,

  1. We collaborated with Madhawa and Nanduni to showcase the scope of savings that can be achieved when you shop at Keells.
  2. Mini campaigns for the Keells Exclusive campaign and the imperfect vegetables range.

Taking Pawning Digital - HNB

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

Pawning advertisements in Sri Lanka have generally not ventured outside traditional norms of advertising the rates and money guarantees. HNB, together with enfection, aimed to revolutionise how pawning was promoted through the help of famous influencers. We were able to humanise and narrate a challenging story about pawning with the help of Sunil Perera and Chethana Ketagoda. The overall objective of this campaign was to bring HNB to the top of consumer’s minds by raising awareness, educating the target audience and promoting Gold Loans at HNB as the most convenient method today for obtaining short-term finances.

Check out the video on HNB Gold Loans here:

Digital Jargon Buster

There are times that you get confused about digital terminology. Let us give you insight into the world of digital.

Call To Action (CTA):

Words or buttons that encourage the user to take a certain action. Clicking on a link or making a purchase, for example.


A challenge/response test to reduce spam. They usually ask people to type in the characters they see in an image or solve a simple math problem

Content Spinning:

When you take a seed piece of content and ‘spin’ it with alternative words and sentences to produce hundreds of unique articles.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

A web language is used to apply styles to web elements such as font size, colour, background & alignment.

Featured Post on Social Media for August:

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

EDM marketing or Electronic Direct Mail marketing is a tactic used by companies to target a large group of potential customers and increase overall sales. Sometimes this can be annoying to customers, and they may lose interest. Here are some useful tips you can use to cultivate EDM’s that are worthy of any inbox!

Understand who you are emailing.

Understanding your target audience helps you direct your emails to consumers who care about what you have to say.

Outline your campaign.

Once you know who you are emailing, you need to plan the strategy of your email campaign.

Effective subject lines are your friend.

No one opens an email before reading the subject line first; ensure that you have an attention-grabbing subject line to coax people into opening your email.

Test your EDM first.

Understand how many users use different devices to make sure your EDM renders well.

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