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The month of love! It has been an interesting month for our enfectors. We’ve explored proxy marketing, influencer marketing and won a few awards too! Check out our antics for this month and catch up with our enfectors.

If you haven’t subscribed to our YouTube channel, check it out and hit that subscribe button! We’ve got our enfecting sessions uploaded along with a range of other videos! You may particularly enjoy watching our Metric Maker series.

Pharma Marketing with MSD

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

Since we cannot promote vaccines directly to individuals in Malaysia, we used the It’s Your Life website to promote the Gardasil vaccine. The proxy, in this case, is the It’s Your Life website. While we educated users about what HPV means, symptoms, and Cervical Cancer, we also encouraged users to speak to a doctor and visit a close clinic for screening and vaccination.

In order to direct users to the clinic finder tool, we used different digital media channels and tactics to encourage users to visit the nearest clinic for screening and vaccination. From SEM that focused on intent-based marketing campaigns to FB and IG, which focused on building awareness to medical micro-influencers to help further increase collaboration and awareness.

Danu meets Keells!

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

This Thaipongal, Keells collaborated with Danu for Thai Pongal, where he talked about traditions and food associated with the festival. Our influencer collaboration helped spread awareness about the customs of Thaipongal and connect with customers in a meaningful way. To watch our video click the link below!

Keells wins big!

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

We are happy to say that our team Keells won the SLIM DIGIS award for a relaunch that focused on providing world-class shopping experiences to its customers. This relaunch focused on a new leash on freshness and a range of products based on a value promise.

We accomplished this by communicating a freshness promise that connected the “farmer to store” link by creating content around vegetables, fruits, and fish in order to reinforce a stronger link to the sourcing of fresh produce. In addition to this, we used multiple channels and generated content to communicate deals and savings to our social media followers.

Seville meets the world!

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt WSO2 API Management SAAS

In a new partnership with us, Seville, a sub-brand of Rocell, required a website to be developed. We assisted them with content generation and end to end website development. We also helped them with their meta-tags to ensure they rank highly on search engines. Check out their website by clicking here.

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